Aratiatia Dam to Spa Road

Located in Taupo, New Zealand are the beautiful Huka Falls. There are many ways to get to these falls. You can literally drive up to a parking lot about 150 meters from the falls if your not able to walk or if hiking is simple just not your thing! We decided to take a more scenic route that takes approximately 5 hours to complete if your casually strolling , holding conversations with your friends! (Highly recommend)  The Aratiatia Dam is a huge damn that releases 80,000 litres of water from the Waikato river 3 times a day during the winter and 4 times during the summer! Watching the gates release is a must! Seeing the water flow and fill up the gorge is just amazing! Also a good starting point for this easy 6km hike that leads to the Huka Falls! During this hike you’ll cross some beautiful scenery. Passing through a couple farms filled with cows grazing, you’ll see beautiful sheep walking across the beautiful green terrain, and also have eyes on the beautiful Waikato river the whole time! 

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