I finally made it to Australia!

Earlier this month I flew into Brisbane from Vancouver, BC with my bestfriend to make a friends bachelor party and wedding. During the two week stay we partied pretty hard and even got a chance to visit my first rugby game! Here’s a glance of me with some Aussie girls enjoying the game! P.S. Don’t ever drink Bundaberg Rum when in Australia 🇦🇺…. The stuff is shit! 

The rest of the bachelor party weekend was awesome! Participated in some paintball, go karts, and well strippers too! Overall it was a successful weekend! After leaving Brisbane we headed back up to the Sunshine Coast, which is just an amazing place! So beautiful and even during winter time the weather was in the 70s and the beaches were just gorgeous! 

After spending a couple days in that area we met up with our other bestfriend Jessica who just flew in from Washington. We spent the next couple of days exploring the Sunshine Coast, visiting Kondalilla National park, The Australia Zoo, and more beaches. The Australia Zoo is a must see when visitng Queensland! Seeing the legacy that Steve Irwin left behind continue to thrive is amazing! Oh and you can hold a Koala 🐨 there 😅

A couple days later we madea little 6 hour roadtrip down the coast to a little beautiful city known as Coffs Harbour! This city was just amazing! Taking a casual stroll on the Coffs Jetty and visiting the many view points in the area is a must when in the area! We spent a couple days with our friend Teresa and made sure to stop and pay visit to the Big Banana 🍌

The roadtrip back to the Sunshine Coast was amazing! Stopping by to wild kangaroos jump around and even stopping by Byron Bay to visit the lighthouse and the most Easternly point of mainland Australia was beyond amazing! Looking forward to visiting again and making a huge roadtrip throughout the whole country! Anybody keen? Let’s do it! Australia is a place everyone must visit! The people were awesome and the meatpies 😍😍😍 Ill just stop there….

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