Last Day in New Zealand 🇳🇿 

Our last day in New Zealand was definitely a sad one! We spent mot of the day saying goodbye to my best friend Mitch’s family and met up with several of his family members for lunch and also got invited to dinner! We stopped by a restaurant called Piccolos in Taupo, which was amazing! The restaurant is known for their pastries as well as their amazing entrees! From what I was told it is the best restaurant in Taupo! Definitely the best one I visited! Although Hells pizza is a must when in New Zealand 😂. While at Piccolos I had a bacon and egg pie with a salad…. and it was amazing! Had myself a flat white coffee to go with it! Truly a perfect meal! After finishing up with lunch we said goodbye to Mitch’s grandmother, who is just the sweetest lady ever! She reminded me so much of my grandmother! We then went out to continue on to out last “Must Do” while in New Zealand! The Hukajet! The hukajet is about $125 NZD, so about $75 USD, it is a 650 HP jet , with 2 twin V8 motors! This jet was amazing! Doing 360s and 180s all the way up and down the Waikato river! We drove down to the Aratiatia Dam and learned a bit about its history, then made our way up to the power plant! The Waikato river is responsible for about 20% of New Zealand’s energy! How amazing is that! We then made our way up to the famous Huka Falls! Upon arrival to the falls we were given a bit of facts about the falls and then continued on with more amazing 360 degrees spins! It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! Being able to enjoy it with my bestfriends definitely made it a million times better! The huka jet is a must when visiting in New Zealand! Its definitely like no other and you won’t regret it! For an extra $19 you can enjoy another ride!!!! Which is just an amazing deal! Although I didn’t partake in a second ride, I would highly recommend it to anybody visiting New Zealand! Due to the fact that I am currently living on a budget, I did not want to spend any more money than I had to! One recommendation I can make is to make sure you get one of the seats on the edge , as that is where you will get the most wet and also freeze your ass off lol, but why half ass the experience! Right? Aha After the Huka Jet we made our way over to dinner where we were greeted with great hospitality! Provided with alcoholic beverages and some very good Chicken Pie, I would say it was one of the best dinners ever! We than finished up with a delicious Dark Forest Ghetto cake! 😋 One thing I’ve realized after traveling is that you can always have a great time on your own, but meeting great people and sharing the experience with them is definitely one thing that makes a trip unforgettable! I met some of the most wonderful people during my stay in New Zealand! Everything from the wonderful food to the wonderful weather made my trip spectacular! Although we did visit during the Winter time (June- September) it reminded me of Washington! I am currently on a flight to Doha, Qatar where We will be spending sometime! Hopefully it is as amazing as New Zealand and as welcoming to tourists as we expect!

You might get wet 😎

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