Taking advantage of a long layover (Doha, Qatar) πŸ‡ΆπŸ‡¦Β 

Doha is a beautiful city composed of amazing Mosques and huge sky scrappers! We decided to leave the airport during our 9 hour layover and it was definitely a good decision! We paid 100 Qatar Riyals for our Visa, which was equivalent to about $27 USD. Getting a visa in Qatar is extremely easy! It took us about a solid 10 minutes to get through customs and off we were into the city! Doha is about 19km from the airport , so about 20 minutes drive. Our cab driver both ways were amazing! Even with the language barrier they showed us around and were very proud of their city! They told us a bit about the country’s history and about the royal family. They took us on a little tour around the city and showed us a couple of the beautiful Mosques where the Muslims go to pray several times a day! The city has been constantly undergoing construction due to the fact that they will be hosting the 2022 World Cup! Alcohol is only served in Qatar in 4/5 star hotels , so we decided to visit the Sheraton hotel where we drank a couple beers at an Irish pub. πŸ€ Once the bar closed we continued to walk along the Persian Gulf enjoying the scenery, while sweating our asses off πŸ˜³πŸ˜… It was about 100 degrees even at 3 am! We were shocked that so many families were out at that time, playing at the park and along all the beaches! Turns out that is the only time it is really bare able to go outside and enjoy family time because during the day it can reach temperatures of up to 130! Doha is so beautiful and definitely a place to visit! The local people are amazing and extremely nice! Just make sure to dress conservative and learn a bit about the local rules and customs prior to visiting! Being a Muslim country there are a lot of things that are looked down upon… such as tattoos and not being allowed to approach woman! These are all things that are important to take note of because it can land you in jail or other consequences can take place! Me being covered in tattoos I wore a long sleeve white shirt! Just to play it safe 😊 You will be shocked when you see how rich and thriving this city is. Seeing Ferraris and lamborghinis on the street was extremely common! They even had a couple Aventadors being given away at the hotel and the airport! Make sure and add Doha on your list of next places to visit! I will definitely be coming back!

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