The most Southern tip of Europe!!!

Our first day in Crete has been good! We met a friend named Adrienne who is a school teacher in California who is passionate about Greek Mythology, which is why she is here and a friend named Natesh, who is from India and now lives in Ottawa, Canada! We decided to all hangout and hit the town for a bit. After exploring the beautiful city of Heraklion we decided that the beach sounded way to good! We hopped onto a city bus and headed for a beach called Amnissos, the public transportation system here in Crete is amazing and it can take you anywhere you want! The beach was gorgeous, the water was so blue and clear! I could have lived my life perfectly fine there, underneath my umbrella drinking a cold one. After a couple of hours at the beach we headed back to our hostel to shower up and met a girl from Slovenia who was volunteering at the hostel as a workaway! She gave us some good tips and recommended an authentic family Greek restaurant located right on the beach! We decided to give it a shot! After walking through these sketchy side streets and seeing countless numbers of stray puppies 🙁 we seen exactly what she described! Paradise! Beautiful huts along the beach , lit up just perfectly and wonderful Greek music. We all ordered something different and ate family style, which was amazing because we all got to try different Greek dishes. After a couple of beers, Adrienne went into teaching mode and began to teach us different words in Greek, which the locals loved! She taugh us all the words that any tourist should know, such as Goodmorning, Hello, thank you, and your welcome 😉 After drinking a lot more beers we asked for our bills, they owner came out to our table with a big beautiful fruit dish and shots of Raki! We all said “Yammas!” (Cheers) and threw them all back…. now this is where things went sideways! We made it back to the room and Mitch decided to go back to the town to buy more beer. When he returned I guess my drunk self was fast asleep, I woke up in the morning wondering where the hell is Mitch! Only to check my phone and see lots of missed calls and texts saying “I hate your drunk ass” , needless to say Mitch didn’t have a good night he ended up having to sleep by the pool. Moral of the story is don’t leave your drunk friend in the room with your only key….. it might not work out so well!

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