Please get us out of Athens!!!!

Leaving Athens! Today has been rough, so as a lot of you may know yesterday Mitch and I missed our flights to Croatia because we ended up getting drunk and hanging out at the beach way too long! After finally leaving Crete and catching a ferry back to Athens we made it to our hostel and decided to once again get drunk and see where the night takes us! We ended up just grabbing some dinner and beers! Off to the hostel we went, without intention of getting drunk again…. guess what happens! We meet a bunch of crazy people who are getting hammered! So as any respectable man would, we joined! Not realizing that we still havent done the important part, which was to book a new plane ticket to Bulgaria. When we made it back into the room mitch and I were hammered , I told Mitch to book a flight to where ever, as long as we get the hell out of Athens! Well knowing the intoxicated fuck that Mitch was , I should have known better and not let him. Mitch ended up booking two tickets to Bulgaria, that he thought was leaving this Sunday July 16, instead he booked two to leave the 23rd , refusing to stay in Athens for a whole other week, we decided to head to the airport and buy the next flight out to wherever…… to make a long story short we are now on a plane headed to Paris…. lol its not Croatia or Bulgaria but it will do! Cheers 🍻

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