A wild time in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Β 

Paris was a great time , especially for being a random last minute trip! We stayed in a really nice hostel, but the rules were shit! We were not allowed to bring in beverages or food and bringing over guest was an absolute no go! The staff were useless and the service was shit! It wasn’t a hostel at all, it was more of a youth summer camp. Nothing but 12 year olds and their parents. Literally! We decided to walk around Paris and view the sites ourselves rather than using public transportation or taking a guided tour. Please take my advice and use public transportation when visiting Paris! The public transportation is very good and trains/ buses come by every 7 minutes. We decided to walk and regretted it! We were so beat! We came home and literally slept the rest of the day! We visited the Eiffel tower, The Lourve, Notre Dame Cathedral, and a couple other famius churches and arcs. A bit into our trip I recieved a message from a friend named Siobhan who we met in Greece at one of our other hostels! What are the odds of that! We decided to meet up with her and go find something to do. Long story short we ended up two bottles of Johnny Walker deep, along with lots of champagne and beer. We spent the whole night getting trashed underneath the Eiffel tower, listening to good music and meeting new people. At the end of the night we started making the long ass walk back to our place and after about 30 minutes we waived down a cab to take us home because we were beat. Upon arrival to the hostel we ran into a confrontation with the lady at the front desk because I was bringing Siobhan home with us. After talking mad shit , the receptionist gave up and let us bring her up! That night was definitely one for the books! It’s going to be really hard to beat that experience! Right now I am currently on a plane heading to Ibiza, Spain with Mitch and Siobhan! Siobhan was supposed to be staying in Paris for a whole other week, but decide to join us literally 3 hours ago! She completely took the loss from the money she paid at the hotel and a deposit on her tattoo that she had planned for tomorrow because she said we are one hell of a time…. and she also just purchased a plane ticket to Croatia to come out with us! She was traveling solo and although that is a good time after a while it gets old! So having good company and people to make memories with is amazing. Thats the beautiful thing about traveling, meeting new people and memories! Traveling is like nothing else in the world and I highly recommend it! I’ve been overseas for almost two months and I’ve loved every moment of it! I look forward to sharing the rest of my experiences with you, im looking forward to these next couple months!




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