Super wild week in Croatia!

Croatia 🇭🇷 was definitely a good time, but like anywhere else its the good people that you meet that often make that experience what it is! We started our trip in Croatia in a city called Zadar. Zadar is a wonderful city filled with a lot of history and amazing music, it’s hard to walk down the streets without bobbing your head! While in Zadar we visited the sea organ, which is a channel of stairs and pipes right along the boardwalk touching the ocean. As waves crash into the stairs beautiful music plays! We had a great time walking through old town Zadar and although the day time atmosphere was great, there was not much of a nightlife. We went out during one of our nights (Saturday) and literally it was nothing but people sitting down drinking beers….. come on now you can do that shit at home! No one was dancing and the music selection was so lame. While in Zadar we also visited Plitvice National Park, which is absolutely beautiful! The only problem I had with it was that there was thousands of people there! When embracing nature that’s the last thing you want! Literally everybody was walking elbow to elbow with each other the whole 5 hours…. thank you instagram for making this place what it is today…. After a couple days we made our way down to Split! Split is a beautiful city and the nightlife there is nuts! We had such a good time in Split! We met a couple friends Diego from Chile and Yannickrols from Belgium! They took Mitch and I to a beach where we jumped off rocks and started with the drinks. After a while at the beach we hit the supermarket and had a huge picnic with our new friends! We sat around getting to know each other more and came up with the idea that joining a pub crawl would be a good idea! We came up with a meeting spot (because none of us have phones) and on to getting pissed we went! Great times!

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