Skopje, Macedonia πŸ‡²πŸ‡°Β 

Our stay in Macedonia was very short! Although we stayed for 4 nights it just wasn’t enough! The city is divided into two sections known as the old town and the new town…. can you guess why? On our first day there we took a bus to a place called Matka Canyon where we were able to swim in the beautiful lake and kayak out to the Verlo Caves! Which is the 2nd largest cave in Europe….. it was amazing! We loved it so much that when we returned to leave the kayak we payed another 400 Macedonia Denar to go back out again, but this time on a boat! We met a group of Italians that were staying at the same hostel with us and decided to hit this bar that was located right along the lake front! After a couple of beers these crazy guys stripped down in front of about 200 people and climbed onto the bar, jumping off and into the lake! The fall must have been at least 30 ft! After drinking a couple of beers we caught a bus back to the hostel and finished the night singing songs around this table and teaching each other different words in English, French, and Italian! The following day I took a walking tour through Skopje, which is a must! The city is filled with hundreds of statues! Everywhere you turn and look you’ll see a statue! So hearing about the history of the statues and the beautiful buildings, as well as the Skopje stone bridge is exciting! I highly recommend free walking tours, as most of them are tip based and often times gives you a new meaning to what exactly you are looking at! The most beautiful statues in my opinion is the controversial statue of “Alexander the Great”! Or as it is called the “Man on the horse”. There is a lot of history behind this statue as Greece and Macedonia have had huge conflicts arguing where exactly Alexander was from and what country he loved more. According to Macedonians he was born in Macedonia and according to the Greeks, he was born in Greece! Who knows…… turns out he doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove it! One of the dishes I can recommend is the traditional mixed grill dish. You can find this, as well as Macedonian salad in just about every restaurant! I personally thought Greek salad was Gods gift to Earth until I tried a Macedonia salad! The rest of our time in Skopje involved drinking and recovering from the night before! The nightlife in Skopje is off the chain and the women are also amazing πŸ˜ƒ. Ill be heading back to Macedonia later this month to visit some of the big lakes and other small villages! So please don’t miss out on the chance to visit Skopje! It’s truly an amazing city!

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