Pristina 🇽🇰 

Pristina interested me a lot! I had a lot of mixed emotions when I came to Kosovo! A part of me always wanted to visit, but at the same time I had no idea what to expect! When I arrived the first thing I saw was a huge statue of Bill Clinton with an American flag behind him and the street where the bus station was located was called Bill Clinton boulevard! I was shocked by how much they loved Americans and American culture! This is because America funded Kosovo during their war against Syria and also because America and England bombed the shit out of Syria in the 90s. Pretty cool if you ask me lol After checking into my hostel I decided to go out and get some dinner. I was instantly shocked by how cheap it was! I literally ordered one of their local dishes and a beer…… it costed me lesd than 2 euro! This country is so cheap, everything food, alcohol, and clothing! This is due to the fact that the average wage in Kosovo is about 2 euro a day, which is equivalent to $1.80 a day! Later on that night I hit the town with a bunch of people I met at the hostel. We went to a small strip known as Rakia street! If there is two things that Kosovo is known for is their Rakia and Macchiato! After being completely wasted and dancing the night away to good music we headed back to call it a night! Just like ever other country I find it funny how everyone listens to all of the latest American music, but no one speaks a drop of English! The following day I took a walking tour which I highly recommend! This put the city of Pristina and Kosovo in a whole other perspective for me. The history behind this country and their struggle to become an independent country is unbelievable. As you walk the streets you can still see all the pain the people went through and the damage that occurred. One of my favorite parts about the tour was visiting the Newborn monument. The monument which spells “NEWBORN” was put up on February 17, 2008 when Kosovo finally recieved their independence from Serbia! Every year on February 17th the monument is painted differently to reflect a major political event that is taking place! This year the letters were painted as bricks and the letters N and W were layed down to represent “No Walls” as a protest against President Trump’s wall and immigration policies. Overall I’d have to say that Pristina definitely left a mark on me and I will certainly return! I felt nothing but love in this city and the people I met were absolutely amazing! This country is definitely my favorite in Europe so far!

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