Bratislava, Slovakia 🇸🇰 

Upon arrival to Bratislava we were greeted by our friend Mariel, who we met a couple weeks back in Ibiza, Spain! After catching up with her for a bit off to the town we went! Bratislava is a beautiful city with amazing history. It was a village that was attacked by Napoleonic soldiers in the late 1700s, in some of the homes to include the town hall still have cannon balls wedged into there walls! We attended a walking tour which showed us some of the cities most interesting sites to include the sky bridge and the Bratislava Castle! We also got to see the catacombs that are underneath the St. Martins Cathedral. During our walking tour we met a friend named Sharona who is from the Netherlands. She started talking about how weird the dudes house that she was couch surfing at was, so we invited her to stay in our hotel! We all went out and partied the night away, honestly that’s all we really did the 3 days we spent in Bratislava! We will be returning to Slovakia at the beginning of September! During that trip we will visit a couple of the other big cities, as well as go out and enjoy all the beautiful nature activities Slovakia has to offer!

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