Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 

Prague is a cool ass city! We spent three days in Prague and the trip itself was completely random! We got a little bored in Bratislava and our friend told us that we coukd catch a train to Prague for 10 euro…. he rest is history! As soon as we got onto the train we met 2 Czech guys and the drinking immediately started! They talked to us about the history between Czech and Slovakia, they also gave us plenty of recommendations… none which we remember at all! 😂 The first thing we did upon arrival was check into the hostel, shower up and immediately hit the town! I would love to tell you exactly where we went, but I can’t remember much of any of my nights in Prague! Which means it’s definitely a good time! Prague has a club named Karlovy Lazne’. This is supposedly the buggest club in Europe! It has 5 floors (each playing different music) and a ice bar in the basement! A must see when visiting Prague! We also took an amazing walking tour through the city! Prague has so much history to offer both medieval and communist! One of my favorite attractions was the Astronomical Clock which was built in 1410! We also took time from our busy drinking schedule to try some of the local Czech cuisine. Czech’s most traditional dish is beef goulash served in a bread bowl. This dish was absolutely amazing, so good that my fatass had to order another one! After another blacked out night we hopped on a train and headed back to Bratislava , where we would spend a night recovering from the madness we just went through!

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