Germany 🇩🇪 

Germany is an amazing country with lots of history! Unfortunately I was only able to visit the cities of Weisbaden, Frankfurt, and Berlin! Berlin was so damn wild, the nightlife was off the chain and the amount of history that this city has to offer is crazy! Seeing the Berlin wall in person was definitely a highlight of my trip! Learning about the history that took place between Eastern Germany and Western Germany as a kid always made it a place that I wanted to visit! There are two sections of the wall still standing! One section of the wall is completely original and the other is covered in beautiful murals from artist all around the world! My favorite thing about Germany of course was the beer 🍻 , I made it a goal of mine to try as many German beers as possible…. so what did I do? Well I just didn’t stop drinking beer the whole time I was there! 😉 After spending a couple days in Berlin I took a Blahblah car, which is essentially a car pooling app and the cheapest way to get around Germany to Frankfurt! Frankfurt itself is a really beautiful city, but there is just not much going on there unless you really enjoy drugs and red light districts! I spent about a week here partying with a bunch of wild dudes I met in my hostel and attended the wine festival in Weisbaden, which is a city a couple miles East of Frankfurt! While in Weisbaden I met up with a mentor of mine from military school, who is currently stationed there! We shot the shit for a couple hours and got pretty damn drunk before heading back to the train station and going seperate ways! One of the things I really enjoyed about Germany was the autobahn! At any given time you can see people driving over 140 MPH, its unreal! After spending a couple days in Frankfurt with this German girl that I met in Athens, Greece I decided to head north to Holland and visit a friend that I met In Romania for a couple days! 

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