Short stay in Serbia ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ธย 

My trip to Serbia was extremely long! Taking a bus from Sofia, Bulgaria to Belgrade, Serbia is only supposed to take roughly four hours, but because the Sebian birder was such a pain in the ass, it took roughly ten! When we arrived st the border it was chaos! So unorganized and all the semi truck drivers were honking their horns non stop! The craziest shit happened on my bus. Our bus driver hit a car next to us and the driver of that vehicle and out bus driver got into a huge fist fight before being seperated by other drivers! It was the wildest shit ever! Definitely made the wait worth it! When we got to our first stop right after the border we met a girl and three other guys from England. After shooting the shit with them we all decided it was a good time to start drinking, so we bought some beers and got started! When we got to Belgrade it was about 10 pm and I still hadn’t booked a hostel ๐Ÿ™ƒ I’m such a procrastinator! We exchanged info and after I found a room, we all met up and partied hard the whole night! One thing everyone must do is attend a boat party in Belgrade! The next day I did a couple hours of site seeing and hopped onto a bus to a city called Novi Sad, which is about 45 mins North of Belgrade. When I got to Novi Sad I met up with my two friends Marija and Mira, who I met while I was extremely drunk in Budva, Montenegro two months ago! They helped me find a room and immediately after they took me around to show me how beautiful their city was! In my opinion Novi Sad was so much better than Belgrade and the people were also so friendly and nice! Mira and Marija taught me a lot about their countries history and also took me to try many of the traditional dishes! They also took me to a beautiful beach right along the Danube river and to a cafe located right on the river! I spent the next couple days hanging out with them two and even got to see a bit of the crazy nightlife in Novi Sad! We went to a strip located in the city center, where there is about 15 clubs and many bars. On one of the other nights we went to a party located inside one of the local national parks! After spending 4 days in Novi Sad, I took some illegal taxi thing back to Belgrade and stopped by the same hostel I stayed in a couple days prior. They were so excited to see me again, I was greeted with many shots of Rakia. Before I knew it I was back in the town with some Brazilian guys partying the night away. I got back home at around 6 am and at 7:30 am I was on a bus heading to Budapest, Hungary! 

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