Touching the Black Sea, Bulgaria!  🇧🇬 

The first city we landed in was Sofia! After arriving to the hostel I showered up and hit the streets! I went out to explore and came across this beautiful boardwalk filled with street performers and amazing artists! After strolling around and drinking a couple beers I decided to head back to the room and see what was going on. I ran into a group of Aussies and some people from England, they were getting to the piss already and told me to come out to the pub crawl with them, so that’s exactly what I did! I went out and get smashed! 🤓 During the night I met a bunch of cool people that were heading to a place called Sunny Beach, which is located right on the Black Sea. So the next morning I woke up and decided to walk through the city and explore a bit more before jumping into a bus and heading towards Sunny Beach! While on the bus I noticed that the bus driver kept pulling over to let a guy out and throw up, I was thinking maybe he was sick. After about three hours we pulled over to a rest stop where I got out and smoked a cigarette. I went up to these two guys who kept getting off the bus to make sure they were okay. These two Slovak guys were laughing and in real choppy English said “we drunk bro” I said oh fuck man let me get some. We ended up drinking Ouzo and Rakia the whole rest of the way being loud and ignorant on the bus! Everyone hated us, but we didn’t give the slightest fuck 😬😂 The bus stopped again in a city called Nesslebar, which is about 15km from Sunny Beach to let a group out. My Slovak friend got out to smoke a cigarette and the bus took off with out him! His buddy is freaking out telling the driver to stop and all I here from the driver is “fuck him taxi!” 😂😂, his buddy calmed down for a bit until he realized that his friend left his wallet and phone in the bus. So when we got to Sunny Beach, he took off in a taxi to go find his buddy. I got to my room and immediately went out to the pool area where I met some beautiful German girls and smoke cool dudes from Australia. After drinking a bit we hit the town! When we got to the main strip there was some Bulgarian guy starting shit , he pushed my Aussie friend and I came up and gave him a nice crack across the face 😏 and grabbed his Helium tank because he was selling balloons and threw that shit at him because he pulled out a knife. The rest of the night went well and we partied hard from strip clubs to bars. For the next 5 days my schedule was the same beach then party, beach then party! Let me tell you, Sunny Beach is amazing and you have to visit! My last night was a Thursday and I was scheduled to catch a bus at 5 am on Friday, I wasn’t about miss a night out, so I ended up going out and heading straight to the bus station from the club! 😎 When I got to the bus station there was this guy from Holland who was sitting there completely fucked. He was waiting for the same bus as Mitch and I. When we got on the bus he started complaining and causing a scene, but nothing really happened. When we got to Sofia the driver came around and collected the fare for the rest of the trip. When they got to this guy from Holland he started yelling talking about how his friends are missing and that they were on the bus with him , then starts yelling saying that his passport was missing. He started calling everyone pieces of shits and retards because they couldn’t speak English. I turned around and told him to shut the fuck up and pay the 4 euro. He kept on talking to me in English and the driver told him to pay or he was calling the cops. The cops arrived about 15 mins later and pulled him off the bus, about 5 mins after that a cop comes in and asked Mitch and I for our passports, after bwing pulled off the bus and questioned we told him that we were not with that retard. The bus driver thought we were all together because we were the only ones that spoke English. They let us go and they arrestees the other guy. We finished our trip nice and smoothly. Upon arrival to Sofia there was two police officers who grabbed Mitch and I as soon as we walked off the bus and told us to grab our bags and come with them. They searched our bags and kept saying “we found drugs on your friend, where’s your drugs” We tried talking to the cop, but he understood nothing! After searching our bags and our bodies they let us go. After all that nonsense we were finally our way to Serbia! Make Bulgaria the next country you visit! Besides the trouble I went through at the end, it was amazing! 

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