Budapest was absolutely insane! By far one of the best cities to party in Europe! I met so many good people from different countired and met a lot of peopke that I’ll never be able to forget in my life. Everybody had one thing on there mind…… getting fucked up! The first day I did a little bit of sightseeing before getting into the hostel and being invited to come out for a “Bingo Pub Crawl”. How could I say no to an offer like that? I immediately ran up stairs and got dressed. The bingo pub crawl was about 15 euro and it included 2 hours of open bar, a bingo card, and entrance to all the ruin bars (which are fucking insane)! I met a girl from Belgium and a couple English lads, the drinking started at that very moment. The bingo game was absolutely amazing, everyone recieved a bingo card with several numbers. Every number had a challenge that went along with it ranging from drinking a shot of Absinthe to walking up to a random person and making out with them! I had such a great time I don’t remember anything else about the night, except being woken up laying near the Budapest bridge by 3 cops 😂😂 They had a good laugh and drove me to my hostel, which I was stoked about because it saved me a walk! I spent most of my day recovering before heading out onto a boat party on the Budapest river! This boat party was so lit, there was at least 400 drunk motherfuckers on this boat and they were playing all the bangers! I danced all night long with some beautiful german girls. After getting off of the boat we headed to the biggest ruin bar in Budapest, it had about 10 different rooms, all playing different kinds of music it was amazing! I don’t remember much of that night either, but my snapchat story refreshed my memory the following day. The next couple 4 nights I spent going to different pub crawls and having a blast! My last day had to have been my favorite day in Budapest! On the morning of my last day I was a bit bored so I hopped onto Couchsurfing to see if there was any other solo travelers in the area who wanted to meet up. I first met with this girl named Claudia from Colombia 🇨🇴, we talked about eachother’s upbringing and how different our lives were, but how much we were actually alike was even more incredible! She had just left everything behind in Colombia and moved to Hungary in hopes of a better life and education. After a couple hours I left and met up with another CS group. This time around I met this guy name Daniel from Spain 🇪🇸, Tahij from India 🇮🇳, and Marco from Italy 🇮🇹. None of them spoke English except for Daniel, but he spoke better Spanish, so we spoke in Spanish. As far as Tahij and Marco, well we had an amazing conversation using google translate! We had a wonderful time laughing, drinking, and sharing amazing travel stories. After a few more hours , I met up with Elena and her friend who are both from Russia 🇷🇺. Elena is a lawyer working in Prague and her friend is an accountant. I spent the rest of the day and night with them! Laughing at each others jokes and even heading up to the Budapest Castle to take some beautiful pictures of the city. Then of course we attended another pub crawl and got extremely smashed. These girls were amazing and I hope to encounter them again sometime throughout my travels! For anyone traveling solo, your not the only one, there’s thousands of us, download Couchsurfing and start connecting with other solo travelers, you never know who your going to meet! Off to Slovakia 🇸🇰 to catch up with a friend for a few nights while I think of a place to go to next! 🙃✊🏻

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