Poland might be my favorite country to date πŸ˜…

When it comes to the beautiful country of Polska, I don’t even know where to begin! I loved Poland so much… Polish food, Polish beer, and Polish women! You just can’t go wrong here! Unfortunately I only visited 3 cities in Poland, which is great because it gives me another reason to come back! My first week I spent in the beautiful city of Krakow. Krakow is an amazing city with so much history and amazing architecture. The main square is gorgeous and is used as a great meeting point because of its central location. Here in this square you can find many beautiful restaurants as well as taverns that are great if you enjoy good music and people watching. Don’t forget to try some of the many Polish foods such as Pierogi (fried πŸ˜‹) and Zurek soup. Don’t forget to wash that down with a nice Tyskie beer with raspberry sauce….. yes I said raspberry sauce! The Polish people are known for adding fruit like syrup to their beers 🍺 oddly enough its not to bad.

Besides amazing food and beer another thing I really enjoyed about Krakow was the amazing night life! Every night there are several pub crawls, concerts, and boat parties during the peak tourism months. (June-Sept.) So if your having a dull time in Krakow, it’s probably because you are a dull/bitter person. ☺️ For the most part Krakow is a pretty safe city, but just like many other huge tourist cities you want to be careful because there is a bit of crime. I heard lots of stories of people getting drugged in strip clubs, as well as other local bars. Even met an American guy who got into a cab that took him to the middle of an alley, where others waited to soon beat this tourist and take everything he had! So making sure you are aware at all times is important. I had a pretty safe time and the only altercation I had was the one I brought upon myself…. you ready for this? πŸ™ƒ Well anyways one night after a pub crawl I was on my way back to my hostel with a couple other backpackers when I was approached by a man advertising for the strip club. I refused his flyer nicely, but he kept insisting I come in, he grabbed my arm and I said “Don’t fucking touch me, I said know!” He replied with “fuck you”, I then said “go fuck your mother you piece of shit!” Next thing you know I got pepper sprayed and beat the shit out of by 4 Russian dudes. So please don’t talk shit in other countries guys! Throughout that week I visited a couple more boat parties and visited some museums, such as Auschwitz and the Salt mine. Which are both easily accessible from the Krakow train or bus station.

Ticket to Auschwitz is $4 USD

Ticket to Salt Mine is $10 USD

Auschwitz is free to customers after 5 pm, I recommend to do it on your own as the guided tours can be really expensive. Everything you need to know is written down in the exhibitions and it’s also a place where silence is greatly appreciated. Also don’t make the mistake of leaving without visiting Auschwitz 2, which is about 2 Km away, but a free shuttle takes off ever 30 mins from the parking lot.

I highly recommend the Krakow pub crawl, as well as the Krakow boat party because it is a great way to meet other solo travelers, as well as great way to see the city by night!

After a couple days I finally forced myself to leave this beautiful city that I loved so much and I hopped onto a bus heading to Warsaw, which was about 5 hrs north of Krakow. Warsaw is a beautiful city with so much to see, but a lot more calmer than Krakow. There are a lot of historic buildings, which are really nice to see. As well as the tomb of the unknown soldier located at the park right outside of the Old town.

As far as the night life goes, I think I might have visited Warsaw during the wrong time. The week I arrived was the week that all students were returning back to school and the official end to summer. The options were limited, but a couple friends from the hostel and I decided to check out a place called Teatro Cubano, which is a Spanish music club. This place was amazing and ended up becoming the spot for the next couple of days! Highly recommended!

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