Did you know French fries were actually created in Belgium ? 🇧🇪

Everybody knows about Belgium whether it’s because of the waffles, choclate, or the beer! We’ve all heard about this wonderful country in one shape or form. I was only in Brussels for two days because it was a cheap ticket and also the cheapest place to get flights from at the time. I had a goal of making it to Mallorca prior to Octoberfest, so I jumped on Skyscanner.com and found a 5 euro flight from Warsaw to Brussels and a 16 euro flight from Brussels to Palma de Mallorca. While my stay in Brussels, I was able to enjoy tons of waffles and even more beer 🍻.

Brussels is an extremely beautiful city with a lot of history, so I decided to do another free walking tour through the city! We met for the tour at the Grand Place, which is the old horse market and now known as the main square. The tour was great and most importantly free! Even though it ended up raining we were able to see all the famous monuments and landmarks to include the famous fountain of the Manneken Pis! I had a tough time keeping up with the group because I kept seeing beautiful women everywhere! I even returned to a pub that we stopped at during the tour to talk to an Irish chick again, needless to say I didn’t score 😂😂 I never ended up taking her up on her drink offer due to the fact that I found a beautiful Spanish girl shortly after 🙃

We spent the rest of the day getting drunk with a bunch of people we met on the walking tour and called it a early night because it was raining extremely bad and I was honestly just beat! The next day we grabbed some breakfast, which was by far the best breakfast meal I’ve ever had! It was eggs benedict, but on a waffle and with lots of bacon!!!

I walked a bit more and seen a couple of more sites to include the red light district, which in my opinion was better then the one in Amsterdam! I didn’t partake, but I definitely didn’t mind seeing sexy women through a window 😎 I then headed back to my hostel and ordered an uber to take me to the airport! Like I said my trip here was short and I don’t really have any exciting stories to share about my time here in Belgium. I will definitely be returning because I have plenty of friends that live in cities outside of Brussels and I’ve heard nothing but great things about all the other surrounding cities!

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  1. Chris thanks for sharing your trip in this way I too only had 2 days in Brussels many years ago and loved it

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