Making the best out of a rainy stay in Mallorca!

After having a wonderful time in Brussels it was time to head to Mallorca, which is a beautiful island off the southern coast of spain about 30 miles from Ibiza! When we arrived to Palma the first thing we noticed was how shit the weather was! It was a bit late so we paid it little attention and hopped into a cab, making our way to the hostel we booked. After about a 30 minute drive from the airport we arrived at Hostel Secar de la Real! We chose this hostel of course because it was cheap and according to hostelworld close to the city. Needless to say this hostel was located in the worst area and super far from the city center and nightlife….. I mean why else would we be in Mallorca! I wouldn’t recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to be conveniently located to the center, however the rooms and common room weren’t all that bad. After getting settled in, I decided to head out back to smoke a cigarette. At the bench there were these two spanish girls from Sevilla and even though it was very hard for me to understand their accent we talked in Spanish and got to know each other a bit. After a couple drinks at the hostel, we were on our way to the boardwalk. On the boardwalk there are many clubs and the views are just amazing! After we parked the car we made our way to a club called Titos, which looked amazing, but wanted a 75 euro cover! So I definitely passed on that and headed to a Reggaetón club down the street. We spent the whole night dancing and having drinks before eventually heading back because we were soaked from the rain! The next day I woke up with the worst hangover, but decided to head out to the city and find something to eat despite the rain. When I got off the bus at Plaza de España the streets were flooded about a 4 inches! I quickly ran into a Bazaar and bought a couple items to eat and an umbrella. I also had a couple items from the bakery and a beer of course 🙂 because I was soaked!!! I needed to warm up! After heading back to the hostel I met these two German guys that wanted to go out and party! They didn’t speak much English, but we all understood the same signals I guess! We all wanted to get trashed! We got dressed hopped on the bus and made our way to store to buy some beers! We each killed a six pack walking through the town looking at all the cathedrals and night markets. We hopped around from bar to bar all night even in the rain. At one point we were being chased by security guards because one of the German guys jumped onto a yacht that was on the water in front of the club! After running away and jumping into a taxi we headed to the huge cathedral by the water and just got completely wasted before heading home and calling it a night .

On my last and final day in Mallorca the weather was absolutely amazing! Despite coming home at 5 am , I still managed to wake up at 10 and after seeing the sun, I said “fuck this hangover I’m going to the beach!” As I was on the bus I started to think about how I would be heading to Germany again the following morning for Octoberfest and how cold it was going to be. After a couple of minutes of thought I decided to check skyscanner for cheap flights out of Palma. After finding one to Barcelona for $12, I was sold and all my Octoberfest plans went to shit because Barcelona had been a place I wanted to visit since a young kid! I purchased the ticket and headed to Megaluf to enjoy the rest of my day at the beach having cocktails and big ass beers!

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