Barcelona is always on my mind!

After being stuck in that storm for 4 days in Mallorca, I was extremely excited to arrive to Barcelona. Its amazing how only a 35 minute flight away and the weather was so much different. When I arrived at the airport I took a couple minutes to search the internet. Looking for the best places to stay, comparing the nightlife, and also searching for affordable accommodation. Once I found the hostel I would be staying at, I entered it into my google maps and headed down to the main bus terminal to catch the aeropuerto bus to Plaza de Catalunya. The first hostel I checked myself into was called Amistat part hostel Barcelona. I decided to stay there because a couple months ago I stayed at the Amistat party hostel in Ibiza and absolutely loved it!

After getting settled in I immediately hit the town and started talking to strangers hoping to make friends. I ended up meeting this really cool dude from California and ended up walking around Plaza de Espana and La Ramblas (which is where that tragic terrorist attack happened in Sept 2017) before eventually splitting off later on that evening.

Once I got back to my hostel I heard about a pub crawl that was happening, but first there was going to be salsa lessons to get everyone mingling 🙂 I met these two awesome girls from Poland and this girl from Argentina, we instantly became friends. We all started drinking and kept on dancing before heading out to the pub crawl. We went to lots of little local bars and eventually ended up at one of the biggest clubs called Opium.

The next morning or should I say afternoon when I woke up I headed out to do some site seeing. I ended up catching a walking tour, which was really amazing through the Gothic Quarter. I caught the subway to the Sagrada de Familia, for those who don’t know it is the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world and it is located here in Barcelona! The architecture was absolutely amazing and the size was just mind blowing. After visiting the Sagrada I headed to the Parliament building because news was that there was a huge protest going on because half of the house was arrested due to their roles in the fight for Catalunya Independence. After taking a couple pictures and seeing what all the hype was all about, I decided to hop onto my hangout app and meet with a group of people. I met with a bunch of random Italian guys and girls at this bar had a couple shots and beers while getting to know each other! After a couple hours I dipped out because I was invited out to Platja de la Barceloneta for a sunset picnic. I hung out with my friends I met a couple nights prior and eventually made my way out to yet another pub crawl! Even though I had told myself that I would stay in because the next day was the beginning of Barcelona’s annual festival La Merce.

The following morning I woke up and there was an English guy in my room talking about weed to another guy, I rolled over extremely hungover and said ” No one is smoking unless I’m invited!” oddly enough they thought it was funny and invited me up. we hit off and ended up hanging out all day together. Walking through all the local markets and enjoying many of the variants of Sangria and Tapas. We even went to the Barcelona zoo while we were extremely drunk and it turned out to be a pretty fun time!The La Merce festival was absolutely amazing! It took place that night and the following  Saturday and Sunday! The festival took place all throughout the city. There was over 15 different music stages throughout Barcelona and so many parades it was hard to keep count! After enjoying two days of the La Merce festivities I decided it was enough time in Barcelona (even though we all know that can’t be true) I jumped on and searched for the cheapest flight possible. I found one leaving in two hours to Fez, Morocco for only $12. I thought to myself for a second…… Africa? No way?  and added it to my cart faster then I seen it. I packed my bags headed to the airport and off to Morocco I was. That is my favorite part about living out of a backpack. The lack of planning and the unknown is what makes it all that wonderful. That’s how I know that this isn’t just about the destinations I’ve seen and the people I’ve met, its about the journey and how its changed my life. The best thing I ever did was let go and start living in the moment.

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