Sahara Desert by camel 🐪

I left Fez early the following morning to a city called Merzouga, a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert, near the Algerian border. The bus ride from Fez to Merzouga takes roughly 10 hours and only has two stops. There is only one company that runs this bus route and they are called Supratour. The bus ticket cost about 7 USD. The buses were surprisingly really clean and comfortable. I arrived to Merzouga at about 0100 and I had no idea what to do. Everyone on the bus had exited and as I began to exit the bus driver stopped me and said “I take you home!” I had just smoked a bunch of hash with some Irish couple I met at an earlier stop and had a bit of a hard time understanding the guy. Anyways I stayed on the bus and next thing you know we were off on some dirt path. After about 5 mins we arrive to this little thing, I guess they called a hotel. He handed me my bag from underneath the bus and just left….. he said no words to me at all. I headed towards the sign that said reception and nobody was there, however there was a piece of paper with a key sitting on top of the counter with my name on it and a room number. I took that key and after searching this whole property for about 20 mins I finally found my room and called it a night. The following morning I woke up and stepped outside. Oh man was it hot! The first thing that caught my attention was the bright red/orangish desert sand. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The dunes looked unreal, something that would be used as a Microsoft computer screen saver, just unreal. After walking around the complex I met the owner. He offered me breakfast and showed me to the bar. He then gave me some hash and said to enjoy myself, if I needed anything to ask. I was the only one at the hotel I think and mind you it was about 2 km away from the village so you had to walk quite aways in the heat to get anywhere, it was brutal. The village consists of some Islamic clothing shops, sewing shops, and one restaurant. Every other establishment was closed. After a couple hours of kicking back I decided to make the walk towards the village. Along the way I got stopped by some nomads who were sitting on the side of the dirt road with their camels drinking tea. They invited me over and asked me to have a seat. The boss wiped a glass off for me using his shirt and poured me some tea. We sat around a circle and talked about the meaning of life and what I thought it meant. The convo got deep and definitely weird! After a while I got up said thanks and started towards the village again. When I got to the village I went to the only restaurant there was and had a meal. While I was enjoying my meal I took advantage of the wifi opportunity and signed on. When I signed onto my instagram I had a message from the Irish couple (Jess and Luke) that I smoked with during the bus ride with the day prior. We exchanged a couple messages before meeting up in the village. We spent the whole day just chilling in the sand dunes and smoking hash. That night we decided to go back to the village to buy some new clothing and after about 3 hrs of bartering my boy Luke had finally agreed on a price, but had no cash. He jumped onto the back of some random guys motorcycle and headed to the next village over to use an ATM. It was the skecthiest thing ever ahaha! After about 15 mins Luke made it back safely and purchased his new Burqa! After that we headed back and made plans to meet the next morning to go sand boarding, as it was going to be my last day in Merzouga before actually heading into the desert.

The following morning as I was eating breakfast, the owner came up to me and handed me a phone. On the phone it was Zehra calling from Fez to let me know that I had convinced Kip and Kim to come to the Sahara Desert and that they were on there way to join me on my camel journey. The owner then told me to relax and enjoy another full day because now we would be waiting for Kip and Kim 😎 I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Luke and Jess, but like I said there was literally nothing to do. It was sooooo hot! We sat around near the pool smoking hash and conversating all day long until the temperature cooled down a bit then we took back off towards the dunes and had ourselves a nice little photoshoot!

an end there was still no sign of Kip or Kim and no one around to ask. So I decided to not worry to much a bout it and get some rest! The next morning as I was out front smoking a cigarette guess who I ran into? Kip and Kim!!!! We ate breakfast and talked about how excited we all were for our camel trek! We spent the whole day hanging out at the bar before the nomads showed up with their camels to pick us up. Later on that evening a nomad showed up with 3 camels, one for each of us. By the time it came to climb on top I was super drunk, so it made for a while ride! Once we were all on our rides we started out into the desert! We were all extremely impressed by the physical health of our guide. Man he walked through these dunes so fast he had our camels tired! After about an 1 ride we arrived to our base camp. Here we met up with two other individuals and were told to get comfortable and meet back up around the fireplace for a dinner and music. We spent the rest of the night learning how to play African music , dancing around the fire, and enjoying the beautiful silence and scenery of the Sahara Desert. This experience was something I would never forget and I highly recommend to anyone! Just be careful when choosing a guided tour through the desert, I’ve heard stories of people paying $400-$500 for the same tour we paid $65, but for most of the people I talked to paid about $100 was the average.

ing we woke up around 5 am and enjoyed the sunrise as we headed back towards the village! The sunrise was absolutely amazing and sitting on top of a huge dune via camel back in the Sahara was like nothing I had ever experienced before. When we got back to the village we decided to have a proper Moroccan meal, which consisted of Chicken and Vegtable Tajine for myself and Kip and Kim enjoyed themselves a Vegetable Tajine. So yes for all your vegetarians and vegans out there, there are plenty of safe alternatives in Morocco! After that wonderful meal we decided to buy our bus tickets back to Fez. the only problem was that we didn’t have any cash for the tickets and the closest ATM was in another village! So this time around it was Kim and I who were stuck in the back of some guys van with no windows heading to an ATM lol luckily we didn’t get killed, he hassled us for a couple bucks and I had absolutely no problem giving him any! I was going to live to see another day! After getting back and picking up our bus tickets, we snatched up our bags and hopped on. After about 6 hours we stopped in a city called Meknes, where the bus driver said it would be faster to get off there and transfer via train to get to Casablanca, which is where Kip and Kim were flying out of. He also said that I would be able to get to Chefchaouen from this station, which turned out to be a lie. Luckily I was able to run back and hop back on the same bus in time! I wasn’t able to say bye to Kip and Kim, but I was so glad I was back on the right bus heading back to Fez!

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