The blue city 🌃

When I arrived back to Fez it was about 3 am. There were no buses or trains heading anywhere that I wanted to go for a couple hours, so I sat down inside of this restaurant and smoked some hash with the owner, as he talked to me about how much he loved his beautiful country. After about two hours I went back to the bus station because I was dying of boredom and asked what was the next bus leaving town and he said that he had one leaving at 10 am to a city called Chefchaouen , which is located in the Northern region of Morocco and famous for its beautiful blue washed buildings. Without putting much thought into it, I bought the ticket and waited in the bus station for another 5 hours before finally getting onto the bus! The bus ride from Fez to Chefchaouen was only about 4 hours and the drive was very scenic, which helped make it enjoyable! On the bus I met two French Canadian girls and talked to them for a bit. They insisted that I should check the hostel that they were staying at out because it had a lot of wonderful reviews. I decided to give it a shot since I had no reservations, so once we arrived at the Chefchaouen bus station we jumped into a cab and headed to Aline hostel. As we were driving I couldn’t believe how beautiful this village was. When we arrived at the Aline hostel the first thing we noticed was that it was nothing but good vibes! Some of the volunteers at the hostel right away offered me some hash and food 😎 , also offered to show me around the area so that I could get familiar with it. I took him up on the offer and went out to explore the area a bit before returning back to the hostel and having dinner on the rooftop while watching the sunset. Sharing moments like these with complete strangers oddly enough feels nice, it really gives me hope for the world. All 12 of us were from different countries, cultures, and religions , but none of that mattered. The love for travel and the unknown brought us all together. The following day I ventured through the town, checking out the medina and this beautiful Mosque that sits up on hill.Which from what I’ve been told is the best place to view the sunset, unfortunately I never made it up to see it myself because I was always out spending time viewing other things. One recommendation I can make is to make sure you go to hash farm. The town of Chefchaouen is literally surrounded in marijuana fields and every local is connected to these farms in one way or another. So yes you can find hash everywhere!!!! Anyways going on one of these tours is a crazy experience because its not really a “tour” , they man who gave me one was just some guy who walked next to me in the alley trying to sell me some hash. He offered to give me some hash and tour of his hash farm for 100 Dirham, roughly 10 USD. I immediately was sold and so we walked to his farm and first walked inside of his home. He introduced me to his family and invited me for tea. We talked for about an hour before heading out to the field. Here he showed me the process of making hash and the difference between the qualities. I spent a solid hour here, smoking and getting free samples to take with me before eventually saying thank you and making my way back to the hostel. That evening we decided we wanted to get a little drunk, but there was no stores that sold booze. So we made our way to this local hotel that was said to have a bar. When we arrived there was a live band playing and the vibes were good until we started hearing the words “bitch and whore” being used a s we walked by because there was 3 girls with us. Mind you, don’t be afraid not all men are like this in the region, but many still have very little respect towards women.

After hearing a couple of comments we decided to just head back to the hostel and chill. When we arrived one of the volunteers said that he knew of a local bar about 1 km from the hostel that sold bottles of wine. You can’t tell that to a bunch of backpackers because as soon as that news came out we jetted to this bar and bought 5 or 6 bottles. After having good conversations and drinking these bottles on the rough top, this French Canadian chick said “Chris, you should come with me to get a new one?” I went with her because of course its late and men are already pretty rude around here. That would of been rude of me 😅 As we walked down the empty streets admiring the blue washed buildings, I felt an arm grab me and pull me into a staircase. It was the French girl getting all kinds of wild with me 😂 Not to much more to say about that except for the fact that wine should be consumed in moderation 😬 The next couple days I spent just getting to know the village and relaxing with fellow backpackers.

Now that I had visited a tiny bit of Morocco the race was on to get to Malaga, Spain where I would be flying out of to London and I only had a day two days to get from Chefchaouen to Malaga, Spain! So I packed up my bags and headed North to a city called Tangier. At the Tangier port you can board a ferry that takes roughly 45 minutes back to either Tarifa or Algeciras, Spain. The ferry ticket cost about 30 USD depending on the time of day and season. Just like that my time in Morocco was over, but a piece of my heart stayed there forsure! I will definitely be back!

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  1. Hi Chris Seems you are once more living the high life I guess once you have a taste for all this travelling it is hard to stop All the best Enjoyed your blog

    1. Thank you! Actually im back in the states now just playing catch up on my post, but ill be heading to South America in a couple months to continue on the journey! Hope all is well in New Zealand!

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