Making the most out of my 14 hour layover in Dubai 🇦🇪

I arrived in Dubai at about 3 am with all the intention of sleeping in the airport until the morning and then knock out some sightseeing….. well that didn’t work out quite as I expected! The terminal I was in only had three rows of benches and security was pretty strict! So I had to come up with a new plan and quick because I only had a very limited time here in Dubai and wanted to at least do some sightseeing! I found an apartment in the Ayal Nasir area, but there was only one problem… They wouldn’t answer their phone and neither would anyone else, so I took the risk and had a cab take me to the address that was provided by Google. When I arrived there was a man at the front desk, which made me really happy! The man told me that he only had one room available and that it would cost me $120 a night. I clearly wasn’t going to pay for that because I still have months ahead on the road so I asked if I could just sleep on the floor for like $20, he laughed, but accepted the offer….. ASSHOLE! Lol A couple minutes went by and he finally came to the corner I was balled up in and said that he had a couch in his apartment if I wanted I could stay in there. At first I was a bit sketched out about it all, but then I realized how fucked I could be here where I was! I had no idea where I was and no cell phone, so fuck yeah I took the couch! When I got up to the room I knocked out and woke up at 8 am to start exploring!

10 hours left!!!!

When I woke up I thanked the man for letting me sleep in his home and I asked for a bit advice on how to get to some of the famous sites and he pointed me into the right direction. I made my way downstairs and headed towards the train station! I was so fucking happy to be in Dubai, I couldn’t believe that I was really here and on my way to visit the Burj Khalifa. When I got to the train station I noticed a smoothie bar and because it was over 120 degrees I stopped and grabbed myself a mango smoothie before jumping on the train. When I got onto the train I was absolutely shocked. I have been in plenty of subways throughout my life to include the London tube and the subway system in New York city, but I have never seen so many people on one train than here in Dubai. Fortunately for me I was standing near the window and I was able to look at all the amazing architecture and when I finally got a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa (the worlds tallest building) I literally lost my shit! I was cheesing so hard!

The first stop I made was through the Mall of Dubai, which is absolutely incredible! The mall itself has over 1,200 stores and is the biggest in the world! If thats not enough for you the mall also has an Olympic sized Ice skating ring, a waterfall, and the biggest indoor aquarium in the world! They also have a 355 million year old dinosaur on display!

Lets not forget the mall’s most famous attraction, the Dubai Fountain! The Dubai Fountain is located right on the Burj Khalifa lake and the water jets shoot upwards to 500 -700 ft! How insane is that! It is also the best place to view the Burj Khalifa!

After spending a rushed 2 1/2 hours there I decided to make my way to the Mall of Emirates, which is also massive and oddly enough they are not that far from each other. This mall is famous for having an indoor ski resort, which looked pretty damn sweet! I didn’t participate because of the lack of time, but man I’m definitely coming back! Next I made my way to the Burj Al Arab, which is the only 7 star hotel in the world! Can anybody guess why I wasn’t allowed in?……because I don’t have 7 star money! Shit I don’t even have 2 star money! This hotel is only 60 meters shorter than the Empire State Building just to put it in perspective for you! After hanging out at the beach and just being mesmerized by this incredible building it was time to make my way to the airport because I didn’t want to miss my flight! As much as I loved Dubai I couldn’t afford to stay there! However there is no doubt in my mind that’ll be returning, in fact I’ll be back again real soon for a way longer stay ☺️

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