3 simple ways to TRAVEL the world on a BUDGET!

One of the questions I get asked most often is “Chris, how do you afford to travel so much?” For those of you new to my journey, let me catch you up a bit. Two years ago I began the process of getting rid of all my material possessions and bought a one way ticket to pursue my dream of traveling the world! I didn’t have thousands of dollars, in fact I was honestly quite scared because I didn’t have much money and I didn’t think that traveling as much as I had planned would’ve be possible! I know there’s many of first time travelers out there who are feeling the same way! In this write up I’m going to be telling you how I managed to travel around the world on a budget and the ways you can too! Let me also add that this is not sponsored in any way, I just want to spread some of the love and advice!. Thank you!

Consider Workaway!

Workaway is an amazing resource that I have used throughout my travels. They are have opportunities for travelers in over 180 different countries and have over 30,000 hosts! Workaway looks for volunteers that can offer literally anything! Some examples of work can include teaching english to children, helping build houses or other community projects, painting murals, and so many other things….. I would never be able to sit here and name all the opportunities, but I do recommend checking out their sites as everything is listed there! (and it’s also pretty fun to look at) What I love most about their services is that all the host that they partner you with have all undergone lots of inspections and your guaranteed to be safe! Most hosts require anywhere from 3-5 hours of work a day and usually 4 days a week at minimum depending on what opportunities you’re seeking! In exchange you’ll receive accommodation, food, and a genuine local experience in another part of the world…..for free!

Hostels are also great!

Hostels are amazing for many different reasons! In the last two and a half years I’ve only managed to stay in hotel rooms a few times and that was because I was in Asia where they were extremely affordable, the rest has all been in hostels. I’ve stayed in over 150 different hostels around the world and I promise you only 2 were bad stays. (both were in Amsterdam) Why hostels? Hostels attract other travelers who are on a budget and usually traveling long term, which makes for a great place to meet friends especially if you are a solo traveler like I am. Hostels also usually host a lot of activities such as nightly games, pub crawls, and art contest…. activities to get everyone together. Nonetheless, I’ve met so many amazing people at hostels and I plan on staying in them for as long as I keep on traveling! Hostels vary in price depending on what region of the world you are visit, but my go to site for checking out hostels is Hostelword.com , there you can search specific cities to compare prices, as well as see the facilities, photos, and reviews of each hostel. (that is registered with Hostelworld)

Try Couch-surfing …

Couch Surfing is an a mobile application and website that allows travelers to connect with locals all around the world! Couch Surfing hosts can typically help you out by giving you a place to stay for the night or several days, showing you around, or even to help you get situated when moving to a new area. Couch Surfing is available in over 70 different countries and has a community that is over 300,000 people strong. One of the main reasons why I love Couch Surfing is because you almost always meet people with the same mindset and you always get to see a side of the city, town, or village that you’re in that you wouldn’t have seen because you are with a local. This experience can make your stay a lot more authentic and honestly a lot more enjoyable! Couch surfing is also a lot easier to use and put into play than the first two resources I talked about. Requesting to stay in someones home has never been easier! The Couch Surfing application is easy to download and after setting up a profile, you can start surfing almost instantly. On the app you can search for specific regions, countries, and exact cities to see who is available and offering to host during the dates that you will be visiting, once you find someone that you think you could get a long with just fine, you simply send them a message and wait! The great thing about this app is that you can send as many requests as you’d like and the best part is that it is free! However, they do have a way to get your account verified, which in return helps others know that you are safe and not some crazy person, this costs a one time fee of $10, but makes it so much easier for others to accept you into their homes. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a verified account, but I do have plenty of references and that helps me get accepted more frequently than when I initially started!

Thank you so much for checking out this post! I hope that these 3 tips will be able motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and seek the unknown. Please leave me some feedback and let me know of your upcoming travel plans in the comments! Safe travels everyone and I’ll see you on the next one!

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