6 places you must visit in peru! (2020)

Peru is a country that literally has so much to offer! Everything from the landscapes, to its history, and even its incredible food, this country will without a doubt leave you speechless and eagerly waiting to come back! I’ve spent a total of 5 months in this country and every time I come back I fall even more in love with it! In this blog I will be showing you some of the “Must See!” places in Peru! These locations are some of my favorite in the country and definitely locations that you need to add to your Itinerary!

1. Laguna Paron (Lake Paron) – Huaraz, Peru

Lake Peron is one of the largest glacier lakes in the Cordillera Blanca, on the Peruvian Andes. The closest town to this lake is called Caraz, but most travelers find themselves visitng from the town of Huaraz, which is how I got there. From the town of Huaraz it is about a two hour van ride to reach the lake and the day trip only costs about 13 USD. In Huaraz, you will find dozens of companies that offer tours to the lake all year around. This lake is special because the mountain behind it is the iconic mountain that is used for the “Paramount Pictures” logo and the turquoise colored water is like no place else! While at the lake there are a few trails that you can take along the sides and another 30 minute hike the leads you up to a view point! Once you get done enjoying the trails for a bit you can head to the base of the lake and jump into one of the many canoes down at the bottom to enjoy a nice paddle on the lake. This activity costs about 5 USD, but I would recommend it, as the experience itself was very enjoyable.

2. Huacachina Desert Oasis – Ica, Peru

The Huacachina desert oasis is a place that will guarantee to leave you speechless. Located just 5 hours south of the capital city of Lima many visitors to the country make this one of the first places they visit. This desert is extremely beautiful and unique, as it surrounds an oasis and only lays about 5 miles outside of the city of Ica. The Oasis is surrounded by many beautiful restaurants and hostels/hotels so finding accommodation is not difficult at all. Some of my favorite activities to do here in the desert include sand boarding, riding paddle boats on the lake, and I also really enjoyed riding in the dune buggy! I I actually have a more in depth video from this place on my YouTube channel, so that you can check out all of the fun for yourself! 🙂

Here’s a quick link to my Huacachina Travel Vlog! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX3kFDzwuog&t=500s

3. Machu Picchu – Cusco, Peru

Of course, no Peru travel guide would be complete without talking about Machu Picchu! This ancient Inca citadel is a MUST when in Peru! Machu Picchu is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it is also one of the most popular locations in Peru. This historical site attracts more than 5,000 tourists a day during the low season and close to 10,000 visitors during the peak seasons. Now you might be thinking, “Oh, that’s just a little to touristic for me!”, as I thought a few years ago! However, I’m here to tell you that this place is always busy FOR A REASON! Its incredible! Usually, I like to avoid extremely popular places, but please do yourself a favor and not do that here or you will regret it so much! I’ve visited twice now and both times have been incredible ! I also have a blog post live right now sharing the many ways that you can get to Machu Picchu from Cusco, so please make sure to check that out!

4. Explore Miraflores – Lima, Peru

Many people that visit Peru often times fly into the capital city of Lima and almost immediately leave towards cities like Cusco or Huaraz to kick off their journey! I on the other hand think that this is the wrong way to visit! Lima even though its mainly overlooked, as it is known for being an incredibly dangerous city actually has a lot to offer. Lima is made up of 48 districts and one of the cleanest and most beautiful in my opinion is Miraflores. This district is so vibrant and lively! It is located right by the beautiful seaside and the neighborhood has so many beautiful parks with incredible flowers, making for beautiful places to hangout! I personally enjoy Miraflores because it reminds me of Los Angeles, in the sense that it is very modern and more “hipster like” if that makes sense! Just do yourself a favor and hangout here for a few days…. thank me later! (Also I created a full Miraflores travel guide on YouTube)

Here’s a link to my Miraflores travel guide on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmdLoyloMPo&t=282s

5. Laguna Humantay – Cusco, Peru

Laguna Humantay is one of the most popular glacier lakes in Peru without a doubt! Located just a few hours outside of Cusco, this lake attracts hundreds of visitors everyday during the summer months because of its good location along so many of the popular trekking routes in Peru. You can get there both on a day trip or while you do other treks like the Salkantay, which if you do you’ll be allowed to sleep at the base of the lake. In order to access this lake you have to hike for about an hour and half once you’ve made it to the drop off location. Now although, this hike is short, it is far from easy as you start the trek at about 4,200 meters above sea level and the hike is at a very steep incline! Let me tell you though! When you make it to the top the views will be worth every second of it! Definitely make your way over to Lake Humantay when visiting Cusco!

6. Colca Canyon – Arequipa, Peru

The Colca Canyon is a canyon located about a 100 miles from the city of Arequipa, which also happens to be Peru’s second largest city! This canyon has a depth of 10,730 ft (3,270 meters) making it the deepest canyon in the world! This is one of the reasons why this place attracts over 120,000 visitors ever year! One of my favorite areas in the park was the “Mirador of the Condors”, which was a lookout that offered an incredible view of the valley floor with some of the most beautiful condors flying over head! There are many ways to visit the Colca Canyon. There are several different treks that you can do ranging from 2-7 days, but you can also visit on a day trip as I did from the city of Arequipa. I recommend taking the day trip if you’re not in the best shape because this hike is not beginner level and the altitude can cause many problems with health for those who lack experience.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope this little guide will give you some insight on some of the best places to visit in Peru. I will also be putting together a few more guides showing you some of the more lesser known areas in Peru to visit! Make sure to follow the site so that you never miss a post! I also upload videos to YouTube twice a week with over 20 videos from the country of Peru if you’re interested! ❤️

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