What comes to mind when you hear of Turkey? πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

“If the Earth were a Β single state, Istanbul would be it’s capital.” – Napoleon BonaparteΒ 

I arrived to Turkey a little bummed out simply because Turkey has always been on my list of countries to visit and knowing that I only had three days in Istanbul was disappointing, but neccessary because I was able to score a cheap $80 airline ticket to Bangkok! When I arrived Β  to Istanbul Ataturk airport I immediately encountered problems because of political reasons at the time. Luckily after about an hour of waiting I was finally able to pay the $30 visa fee and receive my visa. After getting my bag I hopped onto a bus and made my way to Taksim Square, which is basically where all the fun exciting things are…. for tourist at least! Dining, shopping, and the busy nightlife can all be found here. When I arrived to Taksim I immediately jumped onto the Hostelworld app and began looking for a hostel. I found a hostel called the Big Apple, which was located right behind the Blue Mosque and so many other beautiful monuments. When I arrived to the hostel I was a bit early, but luckily they had beds available and I didn’t have to wait long. I caught up on a bit of sleep before waking up to start my day. When I woke up I met a really cool Australian dude named Dan and decided to join him upstairs for breakfast to learn a little more about him and his time so far in Istanbul. Dan had been traveling through Turkey for a couple weeks, but had only just arrived to Istanbul the night before so we decided to go out sightseeing together and try some of the local cuisine. As we began wandering we stumbled across a little music festival and decided to sit down and listen to some of the music and enjoy the dancing before continuing on our journey. After the festival we decided to visit the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

As it began to get dark we made our way back to the hostel, where we made our way back to the rooftop to start drinking and preparing for the night. After about an hour another person finally showed up, once again it was another Australian! Aussies are everywhere!!!!! Her name was Emma and she was also a really sweet person. We sat around this table drinking whiskey and learning about each others lives. After a while we decided to make our way to Taksim Square to see some of the nightlife that Istanbul had to offer. Emma decided that she was going to stay in because she had gotten way to drunk the night before, so Dan and I hopped into a cab and off we went! When we arrived to Taksim Square we were completely shocked! There was so many people out and about for it being a Monday night and the clubs/bars were absolutely insane! Turkish people know how to have a good time! After getting completely smashed and singing our asses off in Karaoke we decided to make our way back to the hostel and call it a night. The following morning Dan was completely dead and didn’t want anything to do with life, after throwing up a couple of times he decided to stay in the room and get some rest. So I made my way up to the rooftop to eat breakfast and while I was there Emily showed up and asked if I wanted to join her for the day and I kindly accepted the offer. We walked around different parts of the city and had a beautiful lunch on the rooftop of this hotel looking over the whole city. You could see the ocean and all of the beautiful bridges. After lunch we decided to walk through Karakoy, which is like the “hipster” part of town. Here you’ll find plenty of vegan restaurants and lots of backpackers. After grabbing a smoothie from a vegan restaurant called “Lit Cafe” we made our way to the Galata Tower. This tower at one point in time was the tallest structure in Istanbul. The tower was built in 1348 when Turkey was known as Constantinople.

We continued walking through all the small side streets, checking out all the tiny family owned businesses. After a couple hours in Karakoy we made our way towards Taksim Square. After about a 3 mile walk we arrived to Taksim. We checked out a couple of the museums as well as some of the clothing stores. One of my personal favorites was the Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery, all of the art inside of this gallery was made by students with special needs. All of the art was used as a form of therapy to help each child with their disorder. At the end of the boardwalk we ran into yet another festival! It just so happened that we were there for the last day of one of Istanbuls annual festivals, the Beyoglu Festival. Here they had some really good music and even better food. After talking to some locals and enjoying the local cuisine we decided it was best to head back to the hostel because we had a long day of traveling ahead of us.

We caught the train back into the district we were staying in and when we arrived the owner was standing at the door way with a bottle of whiskey and some red bull. He didn’t really give us the option to say “no”….. well I couldn’t say “no” to free whiskey, so we started getting right to the piss again! I managed to pack my bag and get that ready for the following day and spent the rest of the evening getting drunk with my friends at the hostel. The following morning we woke up at about 11 and we all agreed to have a farewell lunch at a little restaurant up the road. We decided to spoil ourselves and paid the equivalent of $10 to indulge in a amazing beef stew that is cooked in a clay pot, a fine Turkish tradition. Then of course we ate lots of Baklava, which is a sweet pastry made with layers of film and chopped nuts and held together with syrup or honey. After a couple beers my airport shuttle arrived out front of the restaurant and off I was back to the airport where my journey to SE Asia will begin!

Adventures around London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

“How can you ever be late for anything in London? They have a huge clock right in the middle of town!” – Jimmy Kimmel 

When I arrived to London Gatwick Airport I had one thing on my mind…. fish n’ chips gov’na! First things first, I had to get from Gatwick to London and I had no idea how far it was from the center of London!  I decided to take the slower train, which I believe is the cheapest route and second fastest. It cost about 8 pound to get to the center of London, but if your a baller they have a direct high speed train for roughly 20 USD. When I arrived to London the first thing I did was search around for the cheapest accommodation before realizing that there was no cheap accommodation…….. that’s right people London is fucking expensive! or should I say the United Kingdom in general. So life tip #57849 If your looking for budget travel, look elsewhere! So one of the cheapest hostels I could find because it was a Friday evening was 40 pound, almost 45USD!!! That is outrageous for a hostel, but because it was also freezing I had no choice, I paid the 40 pound. The name of the hostel is Astor Victoria and its centrally located about a 5 min walk from Big Ben and the London Eye. When I arrived into my door I met this girl from Argentina and started chopping it up with her. She was also a solo traveler so we decided to go and explore the city together. Before heading out I updated my Facebook status to assure my family and friends that I had made it to a new destination and safely. I spent the evening visiting Big Ben, the London Eye, and local street food festival before heading back to the hostel.

When I arrived back to the hostel I had a lot of messages from friends that live in London and made arrangements to see them all. I also had a message from my friend Garry, who I met a couple months prior in Budapest saying that he was also in the same hostel I was in! Both of our dorms were beside each other. Small world right! From that moment on we started pre gaming and coming out with plans for the nights. We ended up catching a couple subways out towards Camden and went on a pretty sweet pub crawl. We danced all damn night and eventually veered off on my own somewhere. All I remember was trying to hop onto a bus back towards the hostel at 3 a.m., the only problem was that all city buses had stopped running. SO I waved down one of those little black cabs, you know like the ones in all the porn movies. However, It was nothing like a porno when I got in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, instead I got charged 78 pound for my ride! Fuck! I finally arrived back to the hostel and called it a night, I was dead!

The following morning I went out to explore a bit more, I visited the London Tower Bridge and wandered around Hyde park. After a couple hours I headed back to Camden to meet up with this Jamaican guy I met the day prior to get some pot.

After jamming out to some tunes and smoking a bit I headed up towards Notting hill and Abbey Rd to cross path probably one of the most iconic cross walks of all cross walks!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This cross walk has been a huge tourist attraction in London ever since the Beatles released their album Abbey Road in the summer of 1969!

I’m not going to lie I was a bit upset that Big Ben was undergoing some restorations, but I managed to get over it and still have a great time. That evening I decided that I was not going to pay 45 pound a night to stay in a hostel again, so I went to the bus station and bought a 10 pound ticket to Manchester, which is roughly 5 hours North of London. (on a bus) So this was my plan for accommodation for the night! Now that I had my bus ticket I had a lot of time to kill. My bus was leaving at 3 am, so I still had a full night ahead of me! I headed back to the bus station and locked my bag into a locker before heading out on yet another pub crawl! When I left the club I got a Kebab because I was so hungry and no shit like 4 English chicks approached me trying to have some of my Kebab. I kindly shared it with two of them and man were they all about it! I didn’t realize it was that is easy. Lifetip: If you buy an English chick a kebab, your almost definitely taking her home. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This all occurred around 2:30 am, so you know what that means…… I never made it on my 3 am bus to Manchester! So I bought another ticket for a bus leaving at 7 am and took my drunk ass to sleep, on a bench inside the bus station…… I’m so grateful that I had a liquor blanket to keep me warm! A couple hours later I was off to Manchester!

The blue city πŸŒƒ

When I arrived back to Fez it was about 3 am. There were no buses or trains heading anywhere that I wanted to go for a couple hours, so I sat down inside of this restaurant and smoked some hash with the owner, as he talked to me about how much he loved his beautiful country. After about two hours I went back to the bus station because I was dying of boredom and asked what was the next bus leaving town and he said that he had one leaving at 10 am to a city called Chefchaouen , which is located in the Northern region of Morocco and famous for its beautiful blue washed buildings. Without putting much thought into it, I bought the ticket and waited in the bus station for another 5 hours before finally getting onto the bus! The bus ride from Fez to Chefchaouen was only about 4 hours and the drive was very scenic, which helped make it enjoyable! On the bus I met two French Canadian girls and talked to them for a bit. They insisted that I should check the hostel that they were staying at out because it had a lot of wonderful reviews. I decided to give it a shot since I had no reservations, so once we arrived at the Chefchaouen bus station we jumped into a cab and headed to Aline hostel. As we were driving I couldn’t believe how beautiful this village was. When we arrived at the Aline hostel the first thing we noticed was that it was nothing but good vibes! Some of the volunteers at the hostel right away offered me some hash and food 😎 , also offered to show me around the area so that I could get familiar with it. I took him up on the offer and went out to explore the area a bit before returning back to the hostel and having dinner on the rooftop while watching the sunset. Sharing moments like these with complete strangers oddly enough feels nice, it really gives me hope for the world. All 12 of us were from different countries, cultures, and religions , but none of that mattered. The love for travel and the unknown brought us all together. The following day I ventured through the town, checking out the medina and this beautiful Mosque that sits up on hill.Which from what I’ve been told is the best place to view the sunset, unfortunately I never made it up to see it myself because I was always out spending time viewing other things. One recommendation I can make is to make sure you go to hash farm. The town of Chefchaouen is literally surrounded in marijuana fields and every local is connected to these farms in one way or another. So yes you can find hash everywhere!!!! Anyways going on one of these tours is a crazy experience because its not really a β€œtour” , they man who gave me one was just some guy who walked next to me in the alley trying to sell me some hash. He offered to give me some hash and tour of his hash farm for 100 Dirham, roughly 10 USD. I immediately was sold and so we walked to his farm and first walked inside of his home. He introduced me to his family and invited me for tea. We talked for about an hour before heading out to the field. Here he showed me the process of making hash and the difference between the qualities. I spent a solid hour here, smoking and getting free samples to take with me before eventually saying thank you and making my way back to the hostel. That evening we decided we wanted to get a little drunk, but there was no stores that sold booze. So we made our way to this local hotel that was said to have a bar. When we arrived there was a live band playing and the vibes were good until we started hearing the words β€œbitch and whore” being used a s we walked by because there was 3 girls with us. Mind you, don’t be afraid not all men are like this in the region, but many still have very little respect towards women.


After hearing a couple of comments we decided to just head back to the hostel and chill. When we arrived one of the volunteers said that he knew of a local bar about 1 km from the hostel that sold bottles of wine. You can’t tell that to a bunch of backpackers because as soon as that news came out we jetted to this bar and bought 5 or 6 bottles. After having good conversations and drinking these bottles on the rough top, this French Canadian chick said β€œChris, you should come with me to get a new one?” I went with her because of course its late and men are already pretty rude around here. That would of been rude of me πŸ˜… As we walked down the empty streets admiring the blue washed buildings, I felt an arm grab me and pull me into a staircase. It was the French girl getting all kinds of wild with me πŸ˜‚ Not to much more to say about that except for the fact that wine should be consumed in moderation 😬 The next couple days I spent just getting to know the village and relaxing with fellow backpackers.

Now that I had visited a tiny bit of Morocco the race was on to get to Malaga, Spain where I would be flying out of to London and I only had a day two days to get from Chefchaouen to Malaga, Spain! So I packed up my bags and headed North to a city called Tangier. At the Tangier port you can board a ferry that takes roughly 45 minutes back to either Tarifa or Algeciras, Spain. The ferry ticket cost about 30 USD depending on the time of day and season. Just like that my time in Morocco was over, but a piece of my heart stayed there forsure! I will definitely be back!

Sahara Desert by camel πŸͺ

I left Fez early the following morning to a city called Merzouga, a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert, near the Algerian border. The bus ride from Fez to Merzouga takes roughly 10 hours and only has two stops. There is only one company that runs this bus route and they are called Supratour. The bus ticket cost about 7 USD. The buses were surprisingly really clean and comfortable. I arrived to Merzouga at about 0100 and I had no idea what to do. Everyone on the bus had exited and as I began to exit the bus driver stopped me and said “I take you home!” I had just smoked a bunch of hash with some Irish couple I met at an earlier stop and had a bit of a hard time understanding the guy. Anyways I stayed on the bus and next thing you know we were off on some dirt path. After about 5 mins we arrive to this little thing, I guess they called a hotel. He handed me my bag from underneath the bus and just left….. he said no words to me at all. I headed towards the sign that said reception and nobody was there, however there was a piece of paper with a key sitting on top of the counter with my name on it and a room number. I took that key and after searching this whole property for about 20 mins I finally found my room and called it a night. The following morning I woke up and stepped outside. Oh man was it hot! The first thing that caught my attention was the bright red/orangish desert sand. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The dunes looked unreal, something that would be used as a Microsoft computer screen saver, just unreal. After walking around the complex I met the owner. He offered me breakfast and showed me to the bar. He then gave me some hash and said to enjoy myself, if I needed anything to ask. I was the only one at the hotel I think and mind you it was about 2 km away from the village so you had to walk quite aways in the heat to get anywhere, it was brutal. The village consists of some Islamic clothing shops, sewing shops, and one restaurant. Every other establishment was closed. After a couple hours of kicking back I decided to make the walk towards the village. Along the way I got stopped by some nomads who were sitting on the side of the dirt road with their camels drinking tea. They invited me over and asked me to have a seat. The boss wiped a glass off for me using his shirt and poured me some tea. We sat around a circle and talked about the meaning of life and what I thought it meant. The convo got deep and definitely weird! After a while I got up said thanks and started towards the village again. When I got to the village I went to the only restaurant there was and had a meal. While I was enjoying my meal I took advantage of the wifi opportunity and signed on. When I signed onto my instagram I had a message from the Irish couple (Jess and Luke) that I smoked with during the bus ride with the day prior. We exchanged a couple messages before meeting up in the village. We spent the whole day just chilling in the sand dunes and smoking hash. That night we decided to go back to the village to buy some new clothing and after about 3 hrs of bartering my boy Luke had finally agreed on a price, but had no cash. He jumped onto the back of some random guys motorcycle and headed to the next village over to use an ATM. It was the skecthiest thing ever ahaha! After about 15 mins Luke made it back safely and purchased his new Burqa! After that we headed back and made plans to meet the next morning to go sand boarding, as it was going to be my last day in Merzouga before actually heading into the desert.

The following morning as I was eating breakfast, the owner came up to me and handed me a phone. On the phone it was Zehra calling from Fez to let me know that I had convinced Kip and Kim to come to the Sahara Desert and that they were on there way to join me on my camel journey. The owner then told me to relax and enjoy another full day because now we would be waiting for Kip and Kim 😎 I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Luke and Jess, but like I said there was literally nothing to do. It was sooooo hot! We sat around near the pool smoking hash and conversating all day long until the temperature cooled down a bit then we took back off towards the dunes and had ourselves a nice little photoshoot!

an end there was still no sign of Kip or Kim and no one around to ask. So I decided to not worry to much a bout it and get some rest! The next morning as I was out front smoking a cigarette guess who I ran into? Kip and Kim!!!! We ate breakfast and talked about how excited we all were for our camel trek! We spent the whole day hanging out at the bar before the nomads showed up with their camels to pick us up. Later on that evening a nomad showed up with 3 camels, one for each of us. By the time it came to climb on top I was super drunk, so it made for a while ride! Once we were all on our rides we started out into the desert! We were all extremely impressed by the physical health of our guide. Man he walked through these dunes so fast he had our camels tired! After about an 1 ride we arrived to our base camp. Here we met up with two other individuals and were told to get comfortable and meet back up around the fireplace for a dinner and music. We spent the rest of the night learning how to play African music , dancing around the fire, and enjoying the beautiful silence and scenery of the Sahara Desert. This experience was something I would never forget and I highly recommend to anyone! Just be careful when choosing a guided tour through the desert, I’ve heard stories of people paying $400-$500 for the same tour we paid $65, but for most of the people I talked to paid about $100 was the average.

ing we woke up around 5 am and enjoyed the sunrise as we headed back towards the village! The sunrise was absolutely amazing and sitting on top of a huge dune via camel back in the Sahara was like nothing I had ever experienced before. When we got back to the village we decided to have a proper Moroccan meal, which consisted of Chicken and Vegtable Tajine for myself and Kip and Kim enjoyed themselves a Vegetable Tajine. So yes for all your vegetarians and vegans out there, there are plenty of safe alternatives in Morocco! After that wonderful meal we decided to buy our bus tickets back to Fez. the only problem was that we didn’t have any cash for the tickets and the closest ATM was in another village! So this time around it was Kim and I who were stuck in the back of some guys van with no windows heading to an ATM lol luckily we didn’t get killed, he hassled us for a couple bucks and I had absolutely no problem giving him any! I was going to live to see another day! After getting back and picking up our bus tickets, we snatched up our bags and hopped on. After about 6 hours we stopped in a city called Meknes, where the bus driver said it would be faster to get off there and transfer via train to get to Casablanca, which is where Kip and Kim were flying out of. He also said that I would be able to get to Chefchaouen from this station, which turned out to be a lie. Luckily I was able to run back and hop back on the same bus in time! I wasn’t able to say bye to Kip and Kim, but I was so glad I was back on the right bus heading back to Fez!

First time touching African soil!!!!!

After almost missing my flight out of Barcelona, I was finally on a plane getting ready to embark on this short 2 hour flight to Fes, Morocco. Sitting on this plane I could hardly contain myself! I couldn’t believe I was actually heading to Africa! Prior to leaving Barcelona I had no connections here in Fes, I had emailed a hostel through hostel world and they ensured me to not worry, someone would be at the airport to pick me up to bring me to the village. When I first walked off the plane, the culture shock hit instantly and hard. All of a sudden I was the one that stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone was dressed in Muslim attire (ex. Burqas, Hijabs, Khimars etc.) except for two other people who looked like foreigners also. After walking around the airport lost for a couple minutes I found an older Muslim man holding a sign with my name on it. I walked up to him, he spoke absolutely no English, but I simply followed him anyways because what the fuck else was I going to do.

After a long 30 silent, sweaty, and terrifying ride I arrived at the hostel. When I arrived to the hostel everybody was so nice and welcoming. To be honest I kind of wished I wouldn’t have been so scared in the back of that guys cab because by the time I walked into the hostel all I wanted to do was sleep! A couple of the backpackers that were there showed me around the place and explained to me that we were staying in a Riad, a traditional Moroccan home that has a courtyard or garden in the middle! They are the most beautiful thing ever! After getting a tour and meeting the others who were from Canada, Germany, Australia, and Tunis, I decided to call it a night. The following morning I woke up and after being served breakfast a group of us made our way out to go and explore the city. Not long after leaving the Riad, we were approached by man named Mohammed who said he would love to give us a long tour through his village for a small fee. After discussing it over he agreed to walk all 6 of us through Fes for only 100 MAD, which is equivalent to 10 USD. The first place he took us was through the Old Medina or the Old City, which was built in the early 9th century. Fes, Morocco as a whole is one of the best-preseved historical medieval towns in the Arab-muslim world. The village itself has over 170 mosques and over 9,700 small streets, so it is extremely easy to lose track of direction. After continuing our tour through the Old Medina checking out the local shops, cuisine, and rug shops we started making our way back to the riad for dinner.

On the way back to the riad we stumbled across a group of kids who wanted to talk to us, but they only spoke Spanish, French, and Arabic. Luckily I am able to speak Spanish, so I stopped and talked to them for a couple minutes as they all asked a million questions about America. After chopping it up for a bit one of the kids asked me for some of my water. I gave him my bottle and told him he could have it. Out of nowhere all ten of the kids started fighting over the 1 water bottle. I walked down the hill bought a couple and went back to hand them each their own. After spending a good chunk of time there, we finished the trek back to the hostel and had dinner.

As the night went on we sat in the riad playing board games and learning all about one another and the places we come from. I also started swiping on Tinder, you know to see whats around ahaha and not long after I recieved a match. It was this girl named Zehra, who is from Fes and was looking to connect with other travellers because she is running her own business. Zehra, owns a beautiful riad right outside of the Old Medina and rents the rooms out as an Airbnb. After exchanging some messages I agreed to leave the hostel in the morning and come check her place out. Granted once again I was scared because I was going to meet up someone off the internet……that I’ve messeged 10 times maybe….. in Africa!!!! I don’t know what I was thinking, but I went for it! I hopped into a taxi and made my way to the address she had given me. When arrived to this part of the village I was immediatley shocked. It was so much more different then where I had just came from. You could tell only locals lived and visited this area. I got lost and luckily asked some children, who were so eager to come up and talk to me if they knew where this address was. These sweet kids took me right to the front door, where I was greeted by Zehra and Issmael. When I walked in to this riad, man was I impressed! I had never seen something so beautiful in my life. The layout of the riad was all knew to me and I absolutely fell in love with the architecture and the way the rooms were layed out. Lucky enough when I walked in Zehra had just recieved a couple from Utah (Kip and Kim), which was awesome because I hadn’t been around any Americans in over a month! Kim and Kip are both incredibly cool people with some amazing stories. Kip works for a non-profit rescuing elephants from camps where they are being tortured, which I think is pretty fucking cool! Anyways we all got along extremely well, so we decided to hit the village together and do some site seeing. We visited a couple of the tanneries and seen how they made some of the local spices before heading back to the riad to enjoy the night. When we arrived back we asked Zehra if there was anyway we could get alcohol because we couldn’t find it anywhere. She told us of one store and decided she’d come with us because it was a bit far and she was worried we would get scammed. Anyways we busted this mission between two cabs because they would only allow two people per cab. We picked up some cheap ass wine and some beer then headed back to the riad. We got a little drunk and had some good conversations before calling it a night. The following day Zehra said she wanted to take us all to see the blue gate and the kings palace, as well as the Jewish side of town. I told her I was all in for it, but I had to go to the bus station to buy my ticket to Merzouga, which is a small village touching the Sahara Desert. On my way back from the bus station the cab dropped me off about two blocks away from the riad like it has the entire time. As soon as I got out of the cab these 3 little girls and 1 boy started following me and taking pictures of me. Pulling up my shirt and saying “you in movie!, you in movie!” They followed me all the way to the riad and kept taking pictures with me up until Kip opened the door. He started laughing and said “wtf is happening” explained the whole situation to him and he thought it was hilarious! I actually felt what it feels like to be famous…….. and it feels weird lol After we stopped talking about what just happened, we headed out on Zehra’s magnificent tour. After viewing some of these sites, she took us to her favorite restaraunt and showed us many of her favorite local desserts. After stuffing our faces we continued to walk through the markets, as Kip and Kim would barter every time we walk by someone selling tile pieces because they had a bathroom project back home they needed tiles for. After having such a great time with this fabulous group of people, I started to give shit to Kip and Kim on how they came all the way to Morocco and did not visit the Sahara desert. I was heading to the desert tomorrow morning to meet up with some connections Zehra gave me, but I really wanted Kip and Kim to come with me because I enjoyed their company and wanted to experience this with others. They told me they couldn’t make it because they had a flight to Paris in two days where they will be celebrating their anniversary. That was understandable so we just throw a couple more back and enjoyed the last night we had together !

Barcelona is always on my mind!

After being stuck in that storm for 4 days in Mallorca, I was extremely excited to arrive to Barcelona. Its amazing how only a 35 minute flight away and the weather was so much different. When I arrived at the airport I took a couple minutes to search the internet. Looking for the best places to stay, comparing the nightlife, and also searching for affordable accommodation. Once I found the hostel I would be staying at, I entered it into my google maps and headed down to the main bus terminal to catch the aeropuerto bus to Plaza de Catalunya. The first hostel I checked myself into was called Amistat part hostel Barcelona. I decided to stay there because a couple months ago I stayed at the Amistat party hostel in Ibiza and absolutely loved it!

After getting settled in I immediately hit the town and started talking to strangers hoping to make friends. I ended up meeting this really cool dude from California and ended up walking around Plaza de Espana and La Ramblas (which is where that tragic terrorist attack happened in Sept 2017) before eventually splitting off later on that evening.

Once I got back to my hostel I heard about a pub crawl that was happening, but first there was going to be salsa lessons to get everyone mingling πŸ™‚ I met these two awesome girls from Poland and this girl from Argentina, we instantly became friends. We all started drinking and kept on dancing before heading out to the pub crawl. We went to lots of little local bars and eventually ended up at one of the biggest clubs called Opium.

The next morning or should I say afternoon when I woke up I headed out to do some site seeing. I ended up catching a walking tour, which was really amazing through the Gothic Quarter. I caught the subway to the Sagrada de Familia, for those who don’t know it is the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church in the world and it is located here in Barcelona! The architecture was absolutely amazing and the size was just mind blowing. After visiting the Sagrada I headed to the Parliament building because news was that there was a huge protest going on because half of the house was arrested due to their roles in the fight for Catalunya Independence. After taking a couple pictures and seeing what all the hype was all about, I decided to hop onto my couchsurfing.com hangout app and meet with a group of people. I met with a bunch of random Italian guys and girls at this bar had a couple shots and beers while getting to know each other! After a couple hours I dipped out because I was invited out to Platja de la Barceloneta for a sunset picnic. I hung out with my friends I met a couple nights prior and eventually made my way out to yet another pub crawl! Even though I had told myself that I would stay in because the next day was the beginning of Barcelona’s annual festival La Merce.

The following morning I woke up and there was an English guy in my room talking about weed to another guy, I rolled over extremely hungover and said ” No one is smoking unless I’m invited!” oddly enough they thought it was funny and invited me up. we hit off and ended up hanging out all day together. Walking through all the local markets and enjoying many of the variants of Sangria and Tapas. We even went to the Barcelona zoo while we were extremely drunk and it turned out to be a pretty fun time!The La Merce festival was absolutely amazing! It took place that night and the following  Saturday and Sunday! The festival took place all throughout the city. There was over 15 different music stages throughout Barcelona and so many parades it was hard to keep count! After enjoying two days of the La Merce festivities I decided it was enough time in Barcelona (even though we all know that can’t be true) I jumped on skyscanner.com and searched for the cheapest flight possible. I found one leaving in two hours to Fez, Morocco for only $12. I thought to myself for a second…… Africa? No way?  and added it to my cart faster then I seen it. I packed my bags headed to the airport and off to Morocco I was. That is my favorite part about living out of a backpack. The lack of planning and the unknown is what makes it all that wonderful. That’s how I know that this isn’t just about the destinations I’ve seen and the people I’ve met, its about the journey and how its changed my life. The best thing I ever did was let go and start living in the moment.

Making the best out of a rainy stay in Mallorca!

After having a wonderful time in Brussels it was time to head to Mallorca, which is a beautiful island off the southern coast of spain about 30 miles from Ibiza! When we arrived to Palma the first thing we noticed was how shit the weather was! It was a bit late so we paid it little attention and hopped into a cab, making our way to the hostel we booked. After about a 30 minute drive from the airport we arrived at Hostel Secar de la Real! We chose this hostel of course because it was cheap and according to hostelworld close to the city. Needless to say this hostel was located in the worst area and super far from the city center and nightlife….. I mean why else would we be in Mallorca! I wouldn’t recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to be conveniently located to the center, however the rooms and common room weren’t all that bad. After getting settled in, I decided to head out back to smoke a cigarette. At the bench there were these two spanish girls from Sevilla and even though it was very hard for me to understand their accent we talked in Spanish and got to know each other a bit. After a couple drinks at the hostel, we were on our way to the boardwalk. On the boardwalk there are many clubs and the views are just amazing! After we parked the car we made our way to a club called Titos, which looked amazing, but wanted a 75 euro cover! So I definitely passed on that and headed to a ReggaetΓ³n club down the street. We spent the whole night dancing and having drinks before eventually heading back because we were soaked from the rain! The next day I woke up with the worst hangover, but decided to head out to the city and find something to eat despite the rain. When I got off the bus at Plaza de EspaΓ±a the streets were flooded about a 4 inches! I quickly ran into a Bazaar and bought a couple items to eat and an umbrella. I also had a couple items from the bakery and a beer of course πŸ™‚ because I was soaked!!! I needed to warm up! After heading back to the hostel I met these two German guys that wanted to go out and party! They didn’t speak much English, but we all understood the same signals I guess! We all wanted to get trashed! We got dressed hopped on the bus and made our way to store to buy some beers! We each killed a six pack walking through the town looking at all the cathedrals and night markets. We hopped around from bar to bar all night even in the rain. At one point we were being chased by security guards because one of the German guys jumped onto a yacht that was on the water in front of the club! After running away and jumping into a taxi we headed to the huge cathedral by the water and just got completely wasted before heading home and calling it a night .

On my last and final day in Mallorca the weather was absolutely amazing! Despite coming home at 5 am , I still managed to wake up at 10 and after seeing the sun, I said “fuck this hangover I’m going to the beach!” As I was on the bus I started to think about how I would be heading to Germany again the following morning for Octoberfest and how cold it was going to be. After a couple of minutes of thought I decided to check skyscanner for cheap flights out of Palma. After finding one to Barcelona for $12, I was sold and all my Octoberfest plans went to shit because Barcelona had been a place I wanted to visit since a young kid! I purchased the ticket and headed to Megaluf to enjoy the rest of my day at the beach having cocktails and big ass beers!

Did you know French fries were actually created in Belgium ? πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Everybody knows about Belgium whether it’s because of the waffles, choclate, or the beer! We’ve all heard about this wonderful country in one shape or form. I was only in Brussels for two days because it was a cheap ticket and also the cheapest place to get flights from at the time. I had a goal of making it to Mallorca prior to Octoberfest, so I jumped on Skyscanner.com and found a 5 euro flight from Warsaw to Brussels and a 16 euro flight from Brussels to Palma de Mallorca. While my stay in Brussels, I was able to enjoy tons of waffles and even more beer 🍻.

Brussels is an extremely beautiful city with a lot of history, so I decided to do another free walking tour through the city! We met for the tour at the Grand Place, which is the old horse market and now known as the main square. The tour was great and most importantly free! Even though it ended up raining we were able to see all the famous monuments and landmarks to include the famous fountain of the Manneken Pis! I had a tough time keeping up with the group because I kept seeing beautiful women everywhere! I even returned to a pub that we stopped at during the tour to talk to an Irish chick again, needless to say I didn’t score πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never ended up taking her up on her drink offer due to the fact that I found a beautiful Spanish girl shortly after πŸ™ƒ

We spent the rest of the day getting drunk with a bunch of people we met on the walking tour and called it a early night because it was raining extremely bad and I was honestly just beat! The next day we grabbed some breakfast, which was by far the best breakfast meal I’ve ever had! It was eggs benedict, but on a waffle and with lots of bacon!!!

I walked a bit more and seen a couple of more sites to include the red light district, which in my opinion was better then the one in Amsterdam! I didn’t partake, but I definitely didn’t mind seeing sexy women through a window 😎 I then headed back to my hostel and ordered an uber to take me to the airport! Like I said my trip here was short and I don’t really have any exciting stories to share about my time here in Belgium. I will definitely be returning because I have plenty of friends that live in cities outside of Brussels and I’ve heard nothing but great things about all the other surrounding cities!

Poland might be my favorite country to date πŸ˜…

When it comes to the beautiful country of Polska, I don’t even know where to begin! I loved Poland so much… Polish food, Polish beer, and Polish women! You just can’t go wrong here! Unfortunately I only visited 3 cities in Poland, which is great because it gives me another reason to come back! My first week I spent in the beautiful city of Krakow. Krakow is an amazing city with so much history and amazing architecture. The main square is gorgeous and is used as a great meeting point because of its central location. Here in this square you can find many beautiful restaurants as well as taverns that are great if you enjoy good music and people watching. Don’t forget to try some of the many Polish foods such as Pierogi (fried πŸ˜‹) and Zurek soup. Don’t forget to wash that down with a nice Tyskie beer with raspberry sauce….. yes I said raspberry sauce! The Polish people are known for adding fruit like syrup to their beers 🍺 oddly enough its not to bad.

Besides amazing food and beer another thing I really enjoyed about Krakow was the amazing night life! Every night there are several pub crawls, concerts, and boat parties during the peak tourism months. (June-Sept.) So if your having a dull time in Krakow, it’s probably because you are a dull/bitter person. ☺️ For the most part Krakow is a pretty safe city, but just like many other huge tourist cities you want to be careful because there is a bit of crime. I heard lots of stories of people getting drugged in strip clubs, as well as other local bars. Even met an American guy who got into a cab that took him to the middle of an alley, where others waited to soon beat this tourist and take everything he had! So making sure you are aware at all times is important. I had a pretty safe time and the only altercation I had was the one I brought upon myself…. you ready for this? πŸ™ƒ Well anyways one night after a pub crawl I was on my way back to my hostel with a couple other backpackers when I was approached by a man advertising for the strip club. I refused his flyer nicely, but he kept insisting I come in, he grabbed my arm and I said “Don’t fucking touch me, I said know!” He replied with “fuck you”, I then said “go fuck your mother you piece of shit!” Next thing you know I got pepper sprayed and beat the shit out of by 4 Russian dudes. So please don’t talk shit in other countries guys! Throughout that week I visited a couple more boat parties and visited some museums, such as Auschwitz and the Salt mine. Which are both easily accessible from the Krakow train or bus station.

Ticket to Auschwitz is $4 USD

Ticket to Salt Mine is $10 USD

Auschwitz is free to customers after 5 pm, I recommend to do it on your own as the guided tours can be really expensive. Everything you need to know is written down in the exhibitions and it’s also a place where silence is greatly appreciated. Also don’t make the mistake of leaving without visiting Auschwitz 2, which is about 2 Km away, but a free shuttle takes off ever 30 mins from the parking lot.

I highly recommend the Krakow pub crawl, as well as the Krakow boat party because it is a great way to meet other solo travelers, as well as great way to see the city by night!

After a couple days I finally forced myself to leave this beautiful city that I loved so much and I hopped onto a bus heading to Warsaw, which was about 5 hrs north of Krakow. Warsaw is a beautiful city with so much to see, but a lot more calmer than Krakow. There are a lot of historic buildings, which are really nice to see. As well as the tomb of the unknown soldier located at the park right outside of the Old town.

As far as the night life goes, I think I might have visited Warsaw during the wrong time. The week I arrived was the week that all students were returning back to school and the official end to summer. The options were limited, but a couple friends from the hostel and I decided to check out a place called Teatro Cubano, which is a Spanish music club. This place was amazing and ended up becoming the spot for the next couple of days! Highly recommended!

Auschwitz concentration camp

Definitely felt like this place deserved its own post. Words could never explain the feeling, but ill try. I could never imagine waking up one morning to someone at my door and at that moment knowing I will never see my family again. My mother, father, sisters, and brothers. Knowing that at that very moment my whole life will be changed forever. The freedom to walk down the street, the freedom to eat when I want, and the feeling of never being loved again in my life. To think this is what people went through only 70 years ago because of their religion or beliefs, many even simply because of the way they looked. The tears and the shaking I went through just walking through this gate is unexplainable, I’ve never felt this way in my life, the chills that ran down my spine and to think that I knew for a fact I’d be out of there in two hours is unreal! I’ve never broke down the way I did today. I can’t imagine how these millions of people felt….. for many these final steps walking through this gate was their last moments of freedom! So many of us take the freedom and rights we have for granted when realistically we have nothing to bitch or complain about. Even the problems we face in our world today our incomparable to do destruction that occured in the 1930s-1940s. Thank you to all those who protect our freedom, fight for those who are oppressed, and continue to make sacrifices so that we don’t ever have to face these hardships again.